Northwest Bronco Roundup 2015

5 years have passed since the initial Oregon “Unevent” emerged from the famed Son ‘O Beach gathering in Sand Lake, Oregon. With 2015 finally upon us there are even BIGGER changes in store! For starters the name has changed to the Northwest Bronco Roundup. We have made many other changes as well that are geared towards making this a truly epic vintage Bronco event!

Northwest Vintage Bronco’s club has stepped up to help out with this great Bronco event. Together with them, we are working to get all the details ironed out and making 2015 the best ’66 – ’77 Bronco gathering on the west coast yet!

If you’ve never attended or you’re a regular early Bronco attendee looking for the latest information on what’s happening at this year’s event, this website should give you a good idea of when and where things are happening. We will have a pre-registration and t-shirt / sweatshirt ordering form available on here just to name a few of the things to come! We can also help you with suggesting places to stay and sites to see while you’re here for the event as well.

List of needed items to attend the Northwest Bronco Roundup 2015:

  1. A ’66 – ’77 Ford Bronco (Duh!) Whether it’s running or stuck on a trailer, a Bronco’s a Bronco and we welcome all to attend!
  2. If you plan on cruising the Oregon Coast Dunes with the group of early Bronco’s a sturdy roll cage is a good idea and great piece of safety equipment to have for your old horse! We at least recommend running a hard top on the dunes if your Bronco isn’t equipped with a roll cage. A soft top just won’t cut it in the event of a roll over. Remember, drive your Bronco within your comfort zone, always be safe and have a good time!
  3. A working fire extinguisher is required to have on hand in your Bronco at all times. If you don’t have one or need to replace the one in your Bronco, there are many early Bronco vendors’ that carry high quality fire extinguishers for your rig. Browse the vendor’s listed on this site!
  4. A current /up to date Oregon OHV permit is required to journey out on the Oregon dunes! These permits can be purchased throughout the town of Florence, Oregon. We recommend hitting up the Sportsman which is located at:
    249 Highway 101 Florence, OR 97439
  5. A red dune flag is required when driving on the sand and they must be visible 9 feet above the ground. You can pick up a dune flag at the Sportsman while you’re purchasing an Oregon OHV permit!
  6. Bring canned food for our canned food drive if you can! Tom Dummer helps put this on every year and he does a great job along with all of the help from you! The canned food we donate goes towards the Florence Food Share program. This time of year during the event the Florence Food Share is generally in high demand for canned food goods. Every single canned food you donate makes a BIG difference to someone’s life and both of us and the Florence Food Share greatly appreciate all your help and donations!
  7. And most importantly, whether you’re an experienced dune driver or have never brought your Bronco onto the sand… EVERYONE can do it and we cater to all levels of experience. Broncos of all sizes, whether uncut or jacked up, all-terrains to boggers, your ’66 – ’77 Ford Bronco can tackle the dunes with ease!

So check back to the site often for updates!

Please contact us at

Thanks and hope to see you at the 2015 Northwest Bronco Roundup!

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