Tom Dummer


Wednesday August 17th

Sweet Creek Waterfall Hike

Guided by Tom Dummer
Meet: 1:30 pm at Safeway (near the gas station) along Hwy 101 in Florence.
Driver’s meeting at 1:45 pm, depart promptly at 2:00 pm.

The tour itinerary and map will be available to download here.

Are you the adventuresome type that loves a good hike? On this adventure you will see lush forests and
beautiful waterfalls on a ‘mild enough for everyone’ hike. Before the driver’s meeting you can fuel up the
Bronco. Once we depart, we’ll drive a short distance to Mapleton, and then cruise along the river for a bit down Sweet Creek Rd.

We will park at the bottom of the Sweet Creek Falls Trailhead, were you’ll leisurely walk along pathways and view some amazing sites with plenty of beautiful scenery to take in. Wear your best walking shoes and bring some healthy hydration. Yeah, you won’t want to miss this one either!